Royal Round-Up: 9th April

Saffy – peace from these two? Hazbean could very well be silent since that’s more this “thing”.. But Mega-mouth/Mega-phone cannot cope unless she is in the news somehow. The fact that Covid-19 has pretty much “Closed the planet” & knocked her off the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th positions has only made her even more jealous!! Can’t see her quietening down for a long time – say another 40yrs? Although she’s a smoker & a sunbather – so knock off 5yrs! Even from the grave Markle Madness would STILL be telling us WHAT to do! (We are averagely more intelligent than the Markle Moocow is I doubt her IQ goes beyond 100.)
Oh well have a HAPPY EASTER to all who follow it, Top of the day to everyone, be safe, stay home, protect the 1st line workers – Doctors Nurses & other wonderful people who are risking their life to preserve ours –


Hello everybody – I’m back!

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you for all the lovely and supportive comments about me taking a short break from the blog; it was really touching to read and I really appreciated everybody’s kind words – it meant a lot ❤️

With that said, I was really missing the blog and taking the piss out of Dumb and Dumber— so without further ado, let’s review the backlog of royal news that has occurred over the last few weeks!

Meghan and Harry move to LA

Well we all saw that one coming a mile off, didn’t we?

Yep – despite Meghan’s fans still vehemently insisting that she is not at all predictable, even though all of our own predictions were accurate in regards to her movements, Meghan did the most predictable thing yet and moved back to LA with Harry and Archie—…

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