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Harry’s book – Prince of Lies?

Harry’s book – Prince of Lies?

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Harry has obviously had some mental challenges over the last 4 years. His wife has had her time to cook up zero evidence, but much ado about nothing when it’s looked at in detail. This book of “Not the man I was Born but the Man I have become” is in my honest opinion based only on the extracts that have been delivered by millions in Social Media is only a book of revenge, information that never should have been put into the public domain and is only “The Pubescent Boy I Still Am” There is little to show the man he has become – a sad, angry, entitled rich brat who has almost always got his own way and is now finding that his “I WANT NOW” no longer works & people look at him & his gold digging wife as if they are mad – which is probably true. They are mad – mad they are not the next in line, mad that their money-making schemes aren’t working out and that they KNOW they are going to need some money SOON for fear of losing their so-called home.

The death of Queen Elizabeth – Harry never made it in time, but had he actually understood it was en-familié not spouses & should have told Meg to stay home with (a child or two?) as Catherine was doing, he would have got onto the plane with the rest of the family & ALL of them would have got to her BEFORE she passed away. Harry directly prevented Andrew, Edward, Sophie, William & some of the royal staff from arriving in time to see the queen before she passed & anything else is a lie. They held back for Harry for OVER AN HOUR. Then the men agreed time was short & set off the flight to Aberdeen to be taken to Balmoral.

On his father now King Charles – Could anyone ever be crueller than this? At the funeral of Prince Phillip, the then Prince of Wales had said to his sons, please don’t make my last years wretched. Charles had seen how the spite of the Sussex’s had affected his father & his mother. Both parents were in very frail health as it was, & staff from the royal palaces had informed ALL the members of the family that Prince Philip was literally dying – he had come out of hospital to get home to die with his family. So, what did the Sussex’s do? Continued on with their one-sided unchallenged Moanathon with Oprah Winfrey. More calls from the palace were received about the health of his grandfather & grandmother’s offers for visits were met with silence. Until the death of Philip when there was no answer. Harry it now seems had changed his phone number – so he was probably the last member of the family to be told his grandfather had passed & that HE alone was invited to the Funeral. (Remember it was still Covid & lockdowns hence he had to stay away from the family until proof of not infected etc.) Harry

Brother & Sister-in-law – We know how Meghan was desperate for fame & fortune. she knew about the British royal family’s wealth & how it worked. She’d watched the funeral of Diana many MANY times until the tape was almost worn out. Meghan spent much of her time when playing as a child acting then as if she was the Queen & everyone had to do what she said. I truly believe she married into the BRF purely to do that. She wanted to be the Queen. Thank Goodness our Monarchy does not work in that way! Plus, Megs wasn’t ever the favourite. By the time the Queen had taken Megs to Chester on the Royal Train where Megs had been somewhat messed up hair wise & overall made less of a positive on Her Majesty, the Queen had already by then noted what Meg could & couldn’t do within the scope of the family.

Coronation – currently Harry is leaving that open and holding the family to ransom – Apologise to us poor unhinged pair of grifters and give us the half in half out so we can get money from both sides or I won’t come to the Coronation – now that as far as I can see can only be a bonus! As the palace stays stum Harry & Megs must be going mad that the threat hasn’t made even a ripple over the REAL Working Royals who are continuing their work. Whilst William & Catherine are studying what is needed by their patronages & generally getting to grips with a new way of life being Prince & Princess of Wales.

Since day 1 there has been a constant drivel of moans, groan & creating lies & fakery is it all just for money & publicity? This is before they even married. The lists of WANTS from Megs, whilst Harry was sort of stuck between a rock & a hard place. He had asked this woman to marry him, she had agreed and then something changed. Away went the kind softly spoken ladylike American & in her place was a madam who shouted, screamed & generally made everyone’s lives a bloody misery (Apparently!) No. Harry was too terrified of:

  1. Being left single
  2. Not having a marriage like his brothers
  3. That Meghan would leave him as she had threatened on SO MANY occasions to get Harry to do what SHE wanted.
  4. To actually call off the engagement. He knew before the day itself that it wasn’t a good match. William had hit it nail on the head when he said to Harry – Take longer to get to know the girl! It’s been such a short time.

    1. What many may not know is that Harry proposed to EVERY woman he went out with. He was so terrified of being alone & unmarried that he piled on the pressure within 2 months. This is why Cressida & Chelsy never went the distance;
      1. Harry’s girlfriends were numerous really in a very short time 8 years 7 girls
      1. Natalie Pinkham: 2003. …
      1. Cassie Sumner: 2003. …
      1. Chelsy Davy: 2004-2011. …
      1. Astrid Harbord: 2009. …
      1. Caroline Flack: 2009. …
      1. Mollie King: 2010. …
      1. Camilla Romestrand: 2010.

Should the BRF make a statement? No, it will become a tit for tat, he said, she said, & with the Coronation coming up I think the Royal Family have enough to cope with. In addition thanks to Harry’s book our Country & Royal Family now have a bullseye on their backs – as has Harry & his family after claiming the “kills” It means no one in the UK will be safe.


Did anyone want to know that both William & Harry have beencircumcised? This again shows a lack of forethought & understanding the readers. This is the PRIVATE stuff of life that NEEDS to REMAIN PRIVATE. This bragging of losing his virginity in a field behind a pub – can only have taken place in Tetbury whilst thinking – there are very few pubs in London with a field behind the, – if any! His fight with William & his abuse of drugs are all things we don’t put out into the public domain. This is childish bragging just like a boy in puberty which I am seriously thinking is Harry’s mental age.

Don’t forget that at the point of the Nazi uniform Catherine & William were on a “break” SO it’s just another lie

Harry is being led down the garden by the nose by his wife who has taken over the writing of this “book” having apparently sacked the ghost writer – regardless of if the GW left on his own account or was pushed out, the drivel that is coming out isn’t something I would want my name associated with what can only be described as a load of rubbish only fit for use as firelighters or arse wipes.

Meghan’s baby brain comment – upset Catherine – let’s face it anyone who has had a child let alone three, is aware of what goes on in your body during pregnancy! Plus Catherine had the most awful time of being pregnant & post partem when you are sore, your breasts are bigger & the new-born is crying through the nights keeping everyone awake. Poor Catherine, I can remember how I felt with that & I only had two children! Meghan has already alluded to the “stiff upper lip” & royal formality shown in public was apparently carried on in private too – but what she forgets she has never met them previously it’s not Huggy time it’s shake hands & look decent! I certainly wouldn’t turn up in bare feet & ripped jeans – unless it was a BBQ! Even then, not sure I could even then.

Look then to Africa when “No one has even asked me if I am ok” says Meghan – “it’s not easy with a new baby” …. OK Megs how at that point or maybe when your baby was 4 – 8 weeks old would you have laughed at being labelled “Baby Brain” I seriously dout it.

The UK & Commonwealth

Why the public are getting fed up? we would rather concentrate on things positive things at such a time of “heating or eating”. The country’s economic situation is dire, we are in a Cost Of Living Crisis where lots of us are looking at how we will manage to pay our bills we don’t need a very entitle spoilt man child spewing out lies about his family and the UK itself. Harry needs to shut up since all he has is tarring & feathering his entire family. Why? Jealously, hating that he can’t be King hating that he is the spare – FFS You get all the same treatment, the luxury, the total care of everything, but you don’t get the stress or concerns of being the head person. Both Harry & Meghan could so easily have lived safe secure & protected within the Royal family but they had already decided that leaving was their plan as soon as they could once married. This only serves to make Meghan look even more the dominant character – she has Harry totally isolated in California & literally holds him & their children back from anything normal

Edit”Harry’s book – Prince of Lies?”

The Sussexes ~ A Classless And Disrespectful Act

As HMTQ continues in mourning – but Harry and his wife had best be wary, for it is no longer the Queen who will be dealing with them directly, but a consolidation of Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne. Prince Charles’s retreat to Wales is entirely to reset his mind after a bit of a lecture from his now sadly departed Papa. In no doubt at all the service was planned to a “T“ by The Duke of Edinburgh even down to the reason of Peter being in between the Princes William and Harry. Peter is the eldest male grandchild, and the males of the grandchildren consist of Peter, William, Harry and James – Viscount Severn youngest child of Prince Edward & Countess Sophie of Wessex. Due to his youth James wasn’t in the walk, but he attended the service with his sister and mother.

To ensure that Peter wasn’t alone in the walk The Duke of Edinburgh put him between William and Harry showing absolutely nothing about place in line, or favour for his grandsons. It was NOT William asking for someone to be in between himself and the traitor Harry – so let’s put that to rest.

The wreath was a very vain, vapid and rather stupid call by wife of Harry. For not only was it the most WRONG type of wreath for a man such as the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, but the Royal’s don’t brag about such things.

If everyone doesn’t already know, wreaths for Prince Philip were in neutral whites, creams and greens, not a gaudy show of pinks, purples, yellows and other members of the “Over The Top Rainbow”. It stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other private wreaths – but then that’s how Harry’s wife likes to be.

{There is a royal rule about Funerals – it’s been followed for years – even before HMTQ was crowned – (now there was a bit of an oopsy) – whilst in Africa the then Princess Elizabeth had not packed an appropriate black outfit as her father had deliberately kept how ill he was from her – he did not want to put the onus on the Princess, whom he knew would soon be Queen – and she had therefore not added a black outfit in her luggage (It’s now an unwritten rule that when going on a tour or lengthy holiday you MUST pack an appropriate outfit for Mourning). There was a mass scrabble near to Tree tops in Kenya to find a suitable outfit which the now Queen arrived back in the UK wearing. Her husband had been told the news to break it to his beloved wife now Queen.}

In many ways Harry wife broke every possible protocol or “rule” and for my thought she did it deliberately. It was a long-term ploy which we have now all seen and are all sick of. Attention seeking has never been more blatant and in my opinion her total disregard for the Royal Family has never been so “loud” All through the day out came another and another PR puff piece. The totally crass, idiotical and lack of any form of manners for one day alone for me was the end of any hope for Harry in every form.

His wife is seriously ill, her depths of hatred to the Royal Family seem endless and the idea of her being quiet for Just ONE DAY unthinkable in her mind.

As for Harry – the lost soul will never be welcomed to the UK again. His behaviour was deplorable. It was unfitting for a Prince of the realm and if nothing else, has, shown exactly what he thinks of the United Kingdom and The Royal Family is now very clear.

Princes Charles and William will be the new “Caretakers” until Her Majesty The Queen passes, but even now, the two princes are united in grief and absolute horror of what one member of the Royal Family has become. Harry and his wife will soon feel the depth of disgust. Princess Anne who is in charge of the finances from the wills of the departed is thought to be increasing the age of monies to be given out in trust to 45 years old when it comes to the inheritance funds, and she is well within her rights to do so. Anne is her father’s daughter she stands for absolutely NO nonsense – we have seen just how far she will go to protect her Mother the Queen from Harry and his wife – {look back at the Trooping the Colour 2019 – Not only was Harry pissed with his wife for coming to an event she’d not been invited to (seen that before at Inskips Wedding), it meant he could not ride with the mounted military, and had to squash up into a carriage that had meant to be purely for the two Queens Consort’s. Harry’s wife wore the opposite of what everyone wears to TTC – it’s a time to get the pretty pastels or joyful colours of late spring early summer, but Harry’s wife wore navy. Her behaviour on the Balcony was hard to watch and as she then tried to get close to the Queen, both Anne and Andrew literally blocked any space between the wicked wife and the Queen.}

This is how it will be for the rest of our Queen’s life – being supported and protected by her children and some of her grandchildren.

Looking back from the engagement interview of Harry and his now wife we can all point to the moments where regardless of anything his wife has pushed, prodded, manipulated and upset every member of his family, but Harry either doesn’t see it, is totally blind to it or actually seems to take great joy and happiness in the constant negating, interrupting and demeaning of his family and it seems he is going to continue this life of being a liar, traitor and overall nasty manifestation of an ignorant, illiterate, pathetic, “victim” playing, wealthy and rude Prince who wants everything his own way and is sadly it seems, jealous of his brother William, Catherine and their three children.

It is a very sad conclusion of a man who three years ago had everything he could possibly desire.

Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire!

There is always one as they say, and as much as they tried to contain Harry’s wayward personality and behaviour from behind the palace gates, it seems that they failed as the last few years have shown. What we have ended up with is a spoilt prince, who lacks the decorum expected of someone born with such privileges, and one, who has in the eyes of many is now nothing more than a traitor to his homeland.

I have observed the period of national mourning during Prince Philip’s passing, and the world hoped and expected that the Sussexes would have the dignity and respect to halt their meaningless campaign for world domination and attention. Sadly, they didn’t as the Sussex PR stories continued, but fewer media outlets are bothering to cover them. Perhaps that was out of respect for Prince Philip, or they have finally realized that most of the…

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The Patriarch

I watched in silence from an hour before the service. The words spoken about Prince Philip were ones of awe – so few people it seems knew what he had achieved – in that respect he was similar to Prince Albert – another Man who married a Princess about to be Queen. Both Princes used their time to create things for the betterment of those who live in this country or on the planet.

There was a feeling of sadness in my heart as I watched Her Majesty OUR Queen silently, single in her solitude alone for the rest of her life – how the evenings must now drag. No more banter at the breakfast table as to who gets the last of the cereal in Tupperware container A. No more fits of giggles as the wonderful husband & father cracked some insane joke knowing it managed to relieve tension for those meeting her Majesty – How Silent it must seem – her bubble – which consisted of herself & her love – is now just her.

A Funeral that had been planed down to the most minute of details – with only 1 thing out – Because of Covid, only 30 mourners were able to attend – but Prince Philip would have LOVED it No excess in Pomp & Ceremony – Just those few closest members of his family attending. How he would have laughed at those who had the original list of people to invite, the number of hymns to be sung, the number of military marches & members of the Armed Forces attending – Prince Philip had the last laugh – it was just what he wanted – as little fuss as possible – but even he would be surprised at the number of people who sent condolences who have written in the online book, the number of cards, flowers & messages outside the various palaces. Long Life, loved by many our Father of this nation has gone for once before his all time love and wife – our Queen.

Rest now warrior & prepare to greet your Queen in time.

You will be missed by millions.

Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire!

Adieu, Sea Dog – your watch is now over as you leave us adrift

As the Patriarch of a Nation, your reassuring and steadfast presence is already missed

You were a son, grandson, brother, nephew, sailor, officer, a gentleman, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, a friend, and a defender of the nation rolled into one

For many generations, you are all that they have known – it’s hard to believe you have now gone

As much as we’d have liked you to stay longer, we knew you were weary and tired

It’s time to rest – your job is done, you can put your feet up and retire

Many will miss your wise counsel, and the strength and determination you inspired

Thank you isn’t enough for all you did, Sire

When there was danger, you faced it without fear, for you did battle for your country and King

Yet, you were…

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24 Hours ~ ANL Seeks An Appeal And MM Outed As A Bully By BP

ITV have Kept the interview as of UK1800 & will be airing it at 9pm on Monday – a night when I am incredibly busy so will NOT be listening to it – 2 hours of my life are 2 hours of air! Can you imagine those with Covid who needed Oxygen? 2 hours would have seriously helped them!

The Palace has been a bit slow on the uptake, however, with this as an opening salvo one can imagine how it may conclude come the end of the month – When BP gives out information you know full well that what they say is the truth as the only time that BP Coms team come back sharpish on something in the press is when a lie against them has been said – The silence from the Palace in many cases has been an eye opener – “Fake Pregnancy/ Moon Bump etc. – SILENCE, Surrogate used for A – all over the press – SILENCE William accused (By MM) of having an affair – OUTRAGE from Palace, The nasty report on one of the “oh so up in your face” magazines about Catherine – OUT CAME THE GUNS from the COMS teams.
MM – Bully – Silence
MM – LIES- Silence
H&M “repaid FC” – Silence
MM being targeted – out came the team – “M was NEVER targeted by the Palace staff let alone the pubic in the Racist” manner she screams she suffered.
As for the “Suffering” – I think BP will come out with that – if 72 days of being on duty over 3 yrs was too much – well gosh how she must have suffered. M has NEVER suffered which is why her attention span is so low (If you have been bullied/attacked /abused you remain on a form of “Hypervigilantcy” to ensure nothing like that happens again – Sadly I know all about that – & what it does to your mind & Mental health. Which is why I can say M is a bully –
as a child – someone else’s birthday party M took control & was Queen & pushed others about.
At school students left due to her bullying
At college M had to leave until the girls she stuck their eyes together with superglue had completed their education as they were terrified of M.
Photographers, editors, writers all say that M thinks she is too high & mighty, that she is above everyone else on the planet, treats staff appallingly, All of this BEFORE SHE MARRIED HARRY – can a leopard change it’s spots? NO, nor a tiger it;s stripes – Which is why BP Comes have allowed the cases of bullying to become general knowledge – there can be no silencing of staff when bullying has been part of the reason they have left. Sod the NDA! Personally I would go through all the staff present & past who were working at the same time as M arrived like a bullet to the brain – and aske each one of them to be allowed to forgo the issues of breaking the NDA to tell the truth. That I am sure will show that MM is a bully and always has been. Not someone you want married to your “depleted brain of a grandson”

Harry And The Fate Of His Haughty And Supercilious Ego

Sadly Prince Harry son of the Prince & Princess of Wales, has lost all potential in any sphere of life – we see how his controlling wife MeAgain no longer looks upon him with “adoration” and the hand holding done when performing ROYAL DUTIES has totally disappeared showing the public that either they no longer love each other OR that the constant flagrant behaviour on MM’s total refusal to adapt or meet even partially ANY Royal Protocol – from her very first outing with HMTQ where she refused to wear a hat whilst HMTQ was wearing one & had even sent MM a note (as HMTQ is want to do regularly), to ensure MM KNEW The HAT WAS A PROTOCOL – to the LAST in Westminster Abbey boldly wearing vivid green when she KNEW FULL WELL that she should have been wearing red, blue or cream (if not in Uniform).

To me, it just shows that she never intended to remain in the UK let alone as an acting Royal – Acting is the keynote really – EVERY THING MM has done since meeting Harry has been an act – to get her a position in the world, to create herself on a world stage to cover anything she wants to, for the wealth that Harry & the BRF have & of course her idea that the title she was given was in fact far to lowly for her to have. MM wanted Princess, and ultimately she wanted to be Diana 2 – Queen of the people – those people she has been rude to, stuck her tongue out to, & generally ignored as much as possible.

Looking back over the past 36 months you can see that all she wanted was in her mind what she was “due” – Quite how she felt the UK OWE her I can’t work out – if the public owe anything to anyone Markle isn’t anywhere on the list.
In USA neither Harry or MM need titles – it only annoys the people of the USA who overcame Royal leadership many yrs ago & probably see the pair in a not too liked view – especially since H&M have started to LECTURE Every person on Planet Earth but failing to see how much WORSE they are to the people!

Hopefully HMTQ Will act in March – The only way to move FORWARD WITH THE PEOPLE ACCEPTING THE ROYAL Family now is to remove Birthright from Harry – – then being non royal & in the USA both Prince & the Dukedom are no longer. Mr & Mrs Wales/Windsor will & should be the only names they have.

Should the Queen NOT Go as hard on Harry as this I fear for the house of Windsor’s continuance – Once The Queen is dead, the public will demand a Republic as Charles is weak & Harry & MM are making money off their status – both things considered negatively in our minds.

So Your Majesty, Ma’am if you wish the house of Windsor to continue, you MUST BEYOND ALL SHADOW OF DOUBT – remove ALL titles & connections from your grandson Harry until a time when Harry is no longer married to Megraine nor living in the US. I don’t think he will be divorcing her for a long time – however the other way around is possible.

A Defunct Company Agrees Not To Take Any Photos Of The Sussexes ~ Not A Win

Poor Megs
She thought she’d get a pay-out fast with MoS – Oops
So she went for Splash(whom she’d contacted to do the photoshoot apparently) they went under – oops
Her book of “true insight of HRH DoS turns out to be more harm than help, but initially Megs swore nothing had been given to the writers (who’d declared already & in the preface that the Sussex duo HAD given them details) Ooops – Now the book is being used as something that shows poor Megs in yet another bad light as she’s had to reverse her statement – OOOps

Her entire time from conception of the idea to marry Harry, through the wedding, & an attempt to work half heartedly for the BRF (Ooops fail) the fakery of a pregnancy, the presentation of a doll as their newborn son, each of these is an “OOps” moment in her time as a royal – Megs doesn’t KNOW how to be a Royal, doesn’t know how to be ANYTHING as poor thing she has NO idea how to be a real person in real life.

You can feel a bit sorry for her – possibly, but with the blasting of her father before the wedding, the Mess of Tiaragate, the dreadful wedding dress, her attempt to court Charles – gee the list just goes on & ON – No wonder we are all feeling the effects of her undesirable behaviour – we had become too used to how the Cambridge’s worked. Their selfless acts of charity, their truth in compassion, Catherine’s behaviour always impeccable – even in her first few weeks, It had been calm in comparison to the very rough & choppy waters that Megs is sailing in.

Is it all worth the hassle? Does M really NEED to CONTINUE in this manner? Wouldn’t she & Harry be far better off being quiet? Yes, they would & most of the World will probably agree that Megs has made far too much noise, bad judgement, seriously bad manners, a very jealous and nasty streak which she’s used against Catherine (& William).
Her treatment of Harry, his bruises, the flinching away from her, the desperation in his eyes – now just a flat dead look – Can ANYONE Justify why they should be together, let alone demanding attention & money, respect & a form of “obedience” towards them?

No – they do not. I no longer give a hoot for Harry – he has definitely made his own bed & it’s time the man child settled himself into either sticking up for himself, leaving M or staying out of the way. He KNOWS all too well that the things they have done in 2020 rack up to be some closely treasonous behaviour & should be very glad he hasn’t been taken & put in the tower – which is where the pair should be for the way they have deceived Her Majesty The Queen.

Megs will NEVER be happy. She has NO concept or ability to KNOW the difference from being well off. well heeled, in money to wrung out on the streets with not a penny to her name – all Megs has is an act -one that’s starting to fray at the edges – one I would love where her ego is a balloon as I WOULD take a pin to her ego & burst her balloon.

Will we ever be rid of her? I’m actually doubting it at the moment – 3 years we mostly gave – well 2 are up & gone – & Harry seems to be clinging on like crazy. Covid has made millions of people far worse off than ever before – and yet – the Sussex pair seem to have got more wealthy as the year has gone on – as more people loose their jobs, so Megs get more money – it’s seriously unbalanced & I would have thought they would have seen just how bad things are across the planet – but no – they only see as far as the end of their noses – and only then when looking in a mirror. If anyone’s behaviour during Covid can be said to be some of the worst on record – I put forward the Sussex pair – lies, counter lies, fakery, & self adoration has increased to a world on the brink of – well – desperation.
The total “Compassionate” act in giving has been £10. to a charity that rehomes dogs in London.

These are not nice people – these are those you strive to stay AWAY from & the sooner they realise we ARE NOT interested with the better for all.

And The Fauxmatarian Wore Puce…

The arrogance and ignorance from these two is mind blowing. Who do they think they are? The audacity to think they are worthy at all, let alone so much above the res of the world they feel they must preach “how to live your life” from social media outlets through to radio, television (equivalents ) not making one sentence actually understandable.

You need a totally new Thesaurus to translate what they are saying – and even then it’s either incomprehensible or so borderline ignorant it isn’t worthy of one second of our life to spend listening or reading their drivel.
Not one “thing” (in the sense of platforms, or sectors of the many areas of human life) they have chosen to “speak on” lasts more than one or two videos.

If you compare William & Catherine’s interviews, visits, discussions you see a clear path of what they are saying, offering, learning or advocating – William – my min d goes to Environment, Elephant Tusks, Adult Mental health – Catherine – Early years, from conception through to adulthood – mental health for children, supporting nurses, education for children & so on – Harry – well it WAS armed forces & Invictus, with care for education, lives & environment for Africa. Meghan – all that comes to mind is money, fame, lies, astounding stupidity, no manners, no ethical consciousness, basically I see the Cambridge’s & (Prior to RMM) Harry being compassionate & supportive OF OTHERS. With RMM it’s all about what SHE CAN GET FROM others. No one matters to her other than herself. How can she look in mirror & like what she sees? Regardless of the fact she is a Machiavellian Narcissist RMM has nothing to offer and fails to address anything she has jumped onto the bandwagon of – BLM – GONE – it had her for her length of time she can physically & Mentally “work/give” – 10 minutes – then it’s gone, out nothing to her now.

It really does boggle my mind trying to work out what she thinks she is saying – personally I give up she isn’t worth even 10 minutes of my time.

A Tale of ‘Faux’ Unethical Woe and the WaterBear ‘Advertorial’ Show

Can these two really command anything more than a very diluted interest in whatever they say or do? Personally I would avoid having anything about them connected to my enterprise & as they old saying goes “Charity belongs at home” So perhaps Harry would be better off actually DOING some REAL charity work rather than sitting in an over priced house that neither he or MM can afford, bought on a whim of “We are going to be King & Queen(Qweene) of all they survey”

This would also be a time to revise their spending – check out their balances in the charities they have had money to give to – have they given them a penny?

Since the world is currently on the brink of fiscal poverty I honestly can NOT think anyone has the money to throw at charities – especially those who “reward” their directors etc with vast sums of money.

Charity is that – you give, not expecting to receive – like many things in life you shouldn’t expect a payment if you are doing something for charity – so all those MD/PR staff/the multi-level layers of “staff” working for a charity if they must be paid (I do understand that most staff running a charity need to have an income – my point is that top layer of “king Pins” who expect their bonuses at the end of each year – these are the unwanted & not needed costs to a charity – imagine how much more a charity can do if the MD has no wage but does it because his love of what the charity does, & the reason for doing charitable work is because they have already made a mint in their previous working environments. It is sickening to know that so much of a donation to some charities goes to the running of luxury cars, planes & other far from actually “Needed” things rather than actually getting to the nitty gritty of those who really need that charity’s assistance.
Millions of people around the globe are going to find themselves without a job, & not because they don’t care, but because multi-millionaires don’t want to put their hands in their pockets & keep companies running through a time like now. (Greene) I’m not totally au fait with multiple companies under one umbrella, but I’m very au fait when it comes to no jobs being available.

People who have incomes that would feed an entire country for months should be looking at each business failing & work out how to take the separate companies & save them – smaller companies may actually be able to keep going if the board of directors didn’t take a salary or a bonus for this year

The Fight Over Frogmore Cottage

To be honest I REALLY DO NOT THINK MM EVER stayed at Frogmore! Poor little MeeMee didn’t get the title she wanted (Princess) & didn’t get to live in a Castle (Windsor) & didn’t get to be next in line for the Queen! In fact when you look at things MEME wanted the Sun Moon & Stars – but only managed to get a cottage instead. Most NORMAL people would be delighted to have a gift of a cottage which with no money on their part be decorated for their personal taste. Most Normal people marrying into any Royal Family would be thankful their title WASN’T the head of the family one! But as we all know MEME is NOT normal – in ANY sense.

I’m pretty certain the Harkle’s haven’t actually paid a penny regardless of who says what (And Mr Ship should stop behaving like a child when looking at the now ex royals (or “Former members of the BRF” which is what they will be come March WE HOPE).

They never moved into the Cottage, so having left the job, country & really refusing to behave in anyway “with the monarchy in mind”, I too would give the cottage to a worthy member of the BRF.

Eugenie & her husband Jack have taken on several royal duties & we know that Eugenie will “do things the Royal way” when it comes to anything children related – I’m sure most of the RF are happier now E&J have moved into Frogmore as it will stop it from falling apart. They will also treasure it as MEME should have, but no, it wasn’t grand enough for a d rate actress who conned the prince. She honestly thought she could keep on lying to HMTQ, other members of the BRF & the public of UK? Did MEME thing we are all as thick as Pig💩? She really didn’t do enough research before deciding she would pull a prince – which is basically what Harry thought he had – a couple of nights with a hoe & then off he went to find someone else – MEME refused to do anything “in a royal manner” within her time in the UK or since, & I don’t think the General Public of the UK will have a moment of sadness with the thought of MEME never coming back to the UK – quite the opposite! We no doubt will jump for joy! MEME prefers to stay in places she feels she can do the “commanding” – SoHo House is one of her favourite places – & I seriously doubt she would ever have considered Frogmore as a “Home worthy of herself”.

I’m REALLY Pleased E&J have moved into the Cottage – Ivy cottage was going to be quite tight with a new born on it’s way – one we as a public will no doubt see often even though Eugenie isn’t classed as a working Royal she does a great deal more than umm – well – mmm MEME ever did. I’m glad for the Brooksbank’s, I think they make a wonderful couple, and we have seen already how Eugenie is able to step up & perform duties – it may be that E&J take the place of H&M – I’m well chuffed at that – & I don’t mind paying out an extra 3pence a year for Eugenie & Jack so long as I am not paying anything towards H&M.

The Tawdry ‘Letter Lawsuit’ Plot Begins To Unravel

I don’t think the BRF has ever been treated like this before. Well, not in recent history that is! If this had happened 150 years ago, it would have been to the tower long ago! HM will wait until the date she set for their review but, I think we can all see that she MUST now choose – will she be bent to Me-again’s will or, will HM show that she is indeed a steel claw in a velvet glove?
Harry no longer seems to care about his REAL family – which I find very shocking TBH. If HM doesn’t become the head of the family as Philip WOULD have, then we are losing our monarchy. William & Catherine are fine – there is pain emotionally from where Harry has become all against his family – but, William & Catherine are made of sterner stuff, & whilst yes they may be hurt, they will not pander to Harry or MEMEME’s wishes or behaviour.

Charles is as Diana said 26yrs ago – Not Fit to be King – he won’t reign in his aberrant behaving son & wife – so pathetic is Charles that Camilla has had to do the STERN stuff!

William however, showed he wouldn’t “play” by refusing to have lunch with Harry – because he refused to be a two faced, hypocritic by trying t be “nice” over a meal when what William wanted to probably do was most “un-kingly” William & Catherine have already shaken off the “being Markled” effect, & I think have shown just how capable they are already standing in for both HMTQ & Charles & Camilla. If Charles really wants to become King he needs to put some serious amount of starch into he back & tell H&M that he will NO LONGER FUND THEM. They don’t need it & are wasting it on this farce of a court case & creating chaos.

To me – It is time to cut the apron strings & let go of Harry – sink or swim it’s time he did it on his own ken & chose his “wife” or his real family.

Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire!

It appears Thomas Markle has been the victim of a plot, and this most heinous of acts is beginning to unravel itself with every crooked twist and turn, as the now infamous ‘Letter Case’ develops into the most tawdry of affairs. In a busy week with another flurry of filings, we have a heavily redacted judgment that has been released regarding the application to adjourn the trial, and a re-amended reply (17 November), but it’s all still very much a case of smoke and mirrors – officially, that is. What we must remember is that in law it is what can be proved that matters, and that’s why MM’s attempt to prevent the defence from defending themselves smacks of desperation.

As ever (disclaimer), the opinions stated are not to be construed as factual, or should be considered legal advice, and are based on the information currently available and maybe subject…

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