About Me

Hello & welcome to my blogs. I am new to all of this and would ask you help me by letting me know how I can improve my site. Helpful productive comments rather than anything purely negative please! Remember that much of what I write is for fun, to make people giggle & to “put the world to rights” as we used to say!

I have always enjoyed writing, I have a “journal” which if I remember to add to it I do – but sometimes I am just too tired to think, let alone write.

I am from an age of being courteous, kind and have compassion and also like to see chivalry which seems to be a rare thing these days. Not quite pensionable which seems to be getting further away the more I age! Looking around & seeing how much the country has changed since I was a youngster but people such as HMTQ have seen SO MUCH MORE – and I am grateful for the relative peace in our country that allows us to blog what we like/dislike and so on.

Thank you for reading and please remember these are all my own PERSONAL thoughts & feelings and anything in my blogs is either my personal pictures or from the Internet.