Summer Quick Sarnies!

I have been tweeting about my love of Marmite – to find others who share my “Adoration” of the yeast extract. To those outside the UK/AUS/NZ – the closest thing to Marmite is Yeast Extract or Vegemite – to be honest though – they don’t taste as good! The saying you Love or Hate Marmite is true!


I love Marmite with cottage cheese & iceberg lettuce on a whole wheat wrap. You need to work out the marmite to cheese ratio to suit your own taste!

Another is Marmite with soft cheese again work out your ratio of cheese to marmite!

Marmite also goes rather too well with peanut butter either on toast in a wrap or stuffed down the groove of a piece of celery – so when you turn up to the “in-laws” for the 1st time & they adore their celery & you don’t, peanut butter, or peanut butter & Marmite will help you get it down!

Marmite even goes ok with CHEDDAR! For cooler days, try slicing some cheddar onto a slice of bread spread Marmite on a second slice & put the two together, put on a plate in a microwave & set at max for 1-3 minutes (depending on your Microwave) what comes out is gooey cheese with a Marmite “pickle”

(Please leave a comment if you have a favourite combination with Marmite!)

Soft Cheese

Moving to soft cheese this can be used for sweet or savoury! Things that are versatile & that the family enjoy are worth stocking up on – especially for picnics, days at the pool or just too hot to make a cooked meal!

We’ve already covered Soft cheese & Marmite but there are a host of other items.

One of my favourites is  Tuna Cheese Paté : 1/2 a pack of soft cheese with a drained small tin of tuna pieces & some lemon juice. Use a fork to extract all the tuna into a glass bowl (or any bowl!) mash it a bit & add a few drops of lemon juice. Now carefully add the soft cheese until the tuna & cheese are completely combined. Keep covered in the fridge & use within 3 days. Spread it on dry toast like a Pâté,  in a sandwich on crackers etc. along with salad. If you have tinned salmon you can do the same!

Fruity flavoured cheese

For an alternative to a “cheese cake” & edible in seconds take some soft bread/ biscuit/scone/muffin/crumpet/toast – spread the soft cheese to the edges – don’t go too heavy as you may want another helping! Personally I like to spread Blackcurrant jelly on top as it has a tiny bit of a bite, but if you’re a strawberry jam fiend, or A N other spread chosen “sweet product” on top of the soft cheese & eat – either open or with another slice of whatever on top! (even add bits of fruit if you like!)

Most people have Tomato Ketchup & Mayo in their fridge or cupboard – this is a neat way to eat up cold rice if you have any!!

Tuna Rice

In a bowl mix together 1 portion of Mayo to 2 portions of TK, until you have a decent amount in the bowl. Add to this the tin of drained Tuna – use a bigger tin or more tins to make the amount for however many you are making for. The mix should be “sloppy” but not runny. Cook up some rice (or use up your cold rice) – strain it & chill it with cold water (from hot). Make sure you tap out as much water as you can. Then add the cold cooked rice to the mix of tuna Mayo & TK. Mix all together well & serve with salad – you will work out to taste if you need more May or more TK along with small amounts of salt for taste.

Tuna Bake – Not one for those on a diet! Occasionally is a wonderful treat!

Ingredients : tin of Mushroom condensed soup, tin/s of drained Tuna pieces, 6 packets of plain crisps, a fair amount of grated cheddar cheese, peas or sweetcorn, glass bowl safe for oven or microwave heat

Heat the tin of soup on the hob, add the tuna to the soup & stir well in, add the sweetcorn/peas. Heat oven or get microwave set. Crush 6 packets (small) of plain crisps (chips) in their packets. Layer the crisps along the bottom of the bowl, then spoon over some of the tuna/soup mix, cover that with some of the grated cheese, keep the layers until you reach the top, where you finish with a good topping of cheese, put in the oven & cook at 200C for up to 35 mins or when the top cheese is bubbling (Microwave until you see bubbles all the way through): Serve with salad

Description °F °C
Cool oven 200 °F 90 °C
Very slow oven 250 °F 120 °C
Slow oven 300-325 °F 150-160 °C
Moderately slow 325-350 °F 160-180 °C
Moderate oven 350-375 °F 180-190 °C
Moderately hot 375-400 °F 190-200 °C
Hot oven 400-450 °F 200-230 °C
Very hot oven 450-500 °F 230-260 °C
Fast oven 450-500 °F 230-260 °C


If you would like me to add items to this please post your favourite quick food in the comments & I will add it to these – I do have more impromptu meals – but feel this is enough for now! Will be updating in future!

Thank you Kit Kat!